When I found it?

I remember the first time I saw a Zentangle book. I was in one of my favorite stores looking for some stuff for my baby shower while simultaneously facing a moment in my pregnancy where resting was my priority. I needed to focus on something other than resting.

And that day in one isle of the store a book about Zentangle caught my attention and ever since then I have been practicing. My designs will not look  perfect, because I don’t like to just copy what other people make. Instead, I learn the way they do it, then I practice and finally create new designs and patterns. The most beautiful thing that I love about Zentangles is that there are not mistakes when you draw them. Can you believe it!? So that gave  me a little confidence to try them. Anybody can do it, even kids! So I felt challenged. For that reason I would like to show some of my own creations  and the way I am learning new designs. Join on this journey with me!

In my next post I will tell you more about,  what is Zentangle? and show you more deigns. See you then.

Don’t forget to comment about the things that you have found that have inspired you to do something.



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