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Bible School Planner!

I have been a Bible School teacher since I was a teenager (12 years old). I began as an assistant and ended as the Coordinator of my Bible School in my country of Honduras. One thing I really used to love to do for the teachers was to organize their Year binder, so they can feel organized during the year of our Bible School.

That’s why today I am sharing with you how you can do it for your volunteer teachers or make it as a Teacher training Activity so everyone can make it unique! I assure you they will have fun and you will discover everyone’s hidden creativity!

What you will need:

  • binders
  • scrap paper or wrapping paper
  • some scissors
  • glue, stickers, any kind of embellishments
  • markers
  • hole punch
  • and all the material or information that will be inside the binder

I like to personalize it, so I can feel inspired every time I open it.

I love to add little details such as: cute note pads, post-its, and stickers for my kids. Everything little! I like to write little notes or reminders to the kids or my teacher friends.

Then I set up my year in a very cute way. I like to make a Year cover page with an annual calendar so I can have my whole year in a glance and write important events.

After my year calendar, I like to organize my month: with a calendar, my schedule, lessons plan themes, and other things that came up with the Month teachings in my church.

I like to organize the lessons in the whole month! I keep here all the lessons I will teach and the kids booklets or activity pages.

Then I have my planning section, I like to set up every day, so I can not feel lost in my class. I know it is just one hour ( in my case) but I want that hour to be nice and clear for me and the kids. In every class I like to know what activities to make, crafts ideas, how my bible verse will look, and things that I can’t forget for the kids, like attendance, snack, or anything important.

Always in my planner I prepare a section for “Prayers”. It can be a simple envelope or a page, I like to have both. I use the pocket for my kid’s prayer requests and one personal  so I can write the name of my kids who were in my class that day and the ones who weren’t.

At the end of my planner, I have a Tracker so I can see how well I did it, and how I can improve. And extra space for training during the year.

For some bible school teachers, this can be a little complicated, but I guess when you love what you do, you try ways to make it look great and you can feel awesome doing it.

I hope you like these ideas and let me know what you think.

You can download some pages for your planner here. Bible Lesson

If you want to watch all this planner process, visit , and subscribe to my channel for more Bible School Ideas this 2019. Let’s grow together.

With all my love,

Susan Reeves


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